Our services

  Radio Surveys & GMDSS Inspections. Gyro & Magnetic Compass Services Supply programming, maintenance, and repair various ships’ navigational and GMDSS equipment. VDR & SVDR Retrofitting, maintenance, and annual Performance test (JRC, Netwave, Rutter, and others) Satellite Communication Terminal Activation Plan Option
  Shore-based Maintenance Contracts. Change of flag/name services & programming

how we provide our services

 We have two NAVCOM support teams serving IMG’s customers via the following departments:
Domestic NAVCOM DepartmentInternational NAVCOM Department
IMG’s mission and objective is to provide a cost/time-effective service to its customers; hence, the below process shows how we implement this task when we receive a repair requisition:
  1. Our dedicated NAVSUPPORT team assesses and evaluates the case for possible remote support, IMG offers “FIRST FREE 1 HOUR” remote troubleshooting to its customers worldwide.
  2. A 50% discounted service charge applies to the onboard rates if the case requires more time remotely, which is an option for our customers to save time & cost.
  3. Our customer care team is stationed in different time zones from East to West following the sun, in Manila, Jakarta, Gujarat (India), Panama, and Toronto to attend IMG’s customers’ inquiries 24/7 Round-The-Clock.

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