Our Growth & Expansion!

The year 2012

International Maritime Group “IMG” was registered in Ontario, Canada, a Canadian brand determined to serve the maritime industry & its clients overseas.

Our offices in Canada:

  1. Mississauga, Ontario: Managing Director’s Office & for all overseas and international.
  2. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia: Digital marketing.

The year 2013 

  1. Dubai, UAE: IMG serves its clients in the Middle East through its regional office in Dubai, UAE. The office covers all Dubai ports.
  2. Ajman, UAE: IMG has two facilities in Ajman, as shown.
  • NAVCOM warehouse.
  • LSA & FFE service station.

The year 2014 

  1. Fujairah, UAE: Serves Fujairah anchorage.
  2. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Serves the Red Sea territory and the Western Saudi Arabian.

The year 2021…

  1. Abu Dhabi: Serves Abu Dhabi ports & shipyard.

The year 2022…

 Dammam, Saudi Arabia: Serves the gulf territory and the Western Saudi Arabian.

  1. Bahrain: Serves Bahrain and a backup hub for Dammam’s.

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